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Wall Racks

Wall racks can be an underappreciated element of interior design, but their function extends beyond mere practicality. With strategic placement and careful selection, they have the potential to transform living spaces. From providing extra storage to showcasing items with sentimental value, wall racks can be an integral part of a home’s decor. That said, it is important to choose one that suits not only your specific storage needs but also aligns with the rest of your interior.

Wall racks come in an array of styles, each with its unique charm. Here are a few types:

  • Open shelves: Great for displaying ornaments, books, and plants.
  • Cubicle shelves: Perfect for organising small items and creating a clean, modular look.
  • Coat and hat racks: Practical and decorative, they also provide convenient storage for outerwear and accessories.
  • Corner wall racks: A smart space-saving solution that makes use of those often neglected corners.

When buying a wall rack, we recommend considering its primary use. Knowing what items you plan to store or display can help determine the right style, dimensions and mounting options for you. For instance, heavier items would require a rack with sturdy support and robust mounting hardware, whereas a rack meant to showcase decorative accents might focus more on visual appeal. Also worth considering are elements like material, colour, and finish to enhance or match your current decor.

Based on years of observing home interiors, we can safely say that wall racks offer more than just storage. They offer functionality without compromising on style and have the power to add a distinct charm to your home. So, as you look for that perfect wall rack, keep in mind that they can create a significant impact on your overall home design.