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Pedestals are versatile pieces of furniture that can transform a mundane room into a curated space. These functional stand displays, often appreciated for their eye-catching forms, bring an air of sophistication to the environment. A glorious pedestal can elevate a vase, a piece of art, or your favourite houseplant to a place of honour in your living area. Keeping a keen eye on shape and size is critical when buying the perfect pedestal, with square or circular bases topping the list for a balanced look.

Materials form an essential deciding factor when purchasing a pedestal. Wooden pedestals give a warm and classic touch, complementing traditional interiors. Metal pedestals, often in sleek steel or rich brass, can add a contemporary edge. Marble pedestals impress with their distinctive veined patterns, suitable for all modern households. There’s also glass, which can provide a clean, minimalist vibe. But in our time covering furniture trends, we’ve seen that the ideal pedestal matches the character of the item to be displayed on it.

Often, pedestal positioning in the room becomes the unsung hero. A living room corner, for instance, could benefit from an elegant pedestal showcasing a visually appealing houseplant. Or you could add sophistication to your study area with a pedestal displaying cherished artefacts. Even fireplaces and hallways can become Instagram-worthy with the use of thoughtfully placed pedestals.

No matter how it’s used, the practicality coupled with the design versatility of a pedestal makes it a chic addition to any home decor. It’s a silent promoter of your sophisticated style statement, bringing the spotlight onto the items it displays. Choosing the right one tends to make all the difference.