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When selecting dresser tops, there are a couple aspects to consider. The first is size. Your dresser top must provide enough space for all your stuff, yet still fit perfectly within your room’s layout. Secondly, you should focus on the type of material. In the furniture realm, you often come across dresser tops made from either wood, laminates, or glass. Wood is great for a classic look and durability, laminates are your go-to for affordability, and glass is perfect if you want a touch of elegance.

Your home’s style should also play a big part in your decision-making. Dresser tops come in various designs ranging from vintage to modern, rustic to industrial. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, a mismatched furniture piece can add an interesting twist to a room.

Use cases for dresser tops span from a functional storage area to a decorative surface. They can hold everyday essentials like cosmetics or jewellery, even your favourite books. More creatively, they can serve as a display area for treasured photos, art pieces, or a stunning mirror to lighten up the room.

Long experience has shown us the unseen value of dresser tops in home spaces. Far from just a flat surface on your dresser, the right choice can uplift your room’s mood, provide practical usage and become a standout piece in your overall décor. No matter what your budget or space limitations might be, there’s a dresser top that fits your needs perfectly.