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When it comes to adorning your home, bookcases offer both practical utility and decorative charm. These key pieces of furniture serve a functional purpose—housing a beloved book collection, displaying family photos, or keeping knick-knacks organised. In the same breath, these units can create a focal point in your living space, contributing significantly to your home’s overall look and feel.

Choice and Use

Choosing the right bookcase can be a significant decision, reflective of both your needs and your personal style. It’s crucial to consider the available space in your room and the intended use of the bookshelf. Corner units can make great use of often wasted space, tall, narrow designs can create an illusion of height, and modular units can offer flexibility for changing needs. In our extensive dealings with bookcases, we’ve seen how the right balance of functionality and style can transform a space.

Types of Bookcases

  • Standard: The good old stand-by, with adjustable shelves and a sturdy design.
  • Corner: Perfect for utilising wasted corners of your room.
  • Barrister: Traditionally used by barristers for heavy law books, these have glass doors to keep books dust-free.
  • Leaning: These provide a contemporary twist, often without sides or backs, and shelves that decrease in size as they ascend.
  • Cube: These modern designs offer a neat, geometric appearance, equally suitable for books, display items or storage boxes.

Remember, a bookcase is more than mere storage. It’s an extension of your personality, giving you the opportunity to showcase what actually matters to you. Every item, from a well-thumbed novel to a cherished photo, tells a story. So choose wisely, and your bookcase might just become your favourite piece of furniture.