The Range Bathroom Sinks and Basins

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Bathroom Sinks and Basins
The Range
The Range Bathroom Sinks and Basins

Finding the perfect sink or basin for your bathroom can significantly impact your everyday life and the design of your bathroom. The quality, material, and size matter the most when it comes to bathroom sinks and basins. The Range offers a diverse collection – encompassing everything from under counter and pedestal sinks to freestanding basins, corner basins, and counter top bowls – catering to a variety of individual style preferences and practical needs.

Simplicity is key when it comes to bathroom design. Minimalist and understated, the sinks and basins from The Range are built for style and longevity. The options include sleek under counter designs, which fit seamlessly beneath the counter for easy cleaning, as well as traditional pedestal basins which add a timeless elegance to any bathroom. Meanwhile, corner basins optimally utilise space in smaller bathrooms, and counter top bowls offer a modern, artistic touch to your décor.

Living up to our reputation in the industry, comfort and practicality are at the heart of our design ethos at The Range. Our product spread includes versatile, efficient pieces, often offering added storage space in their cabinets. Most of the sinks feature high-gloss, easy-to-clean finishes, visually appealing designs, and robust build quality. Whether you’re remodeling your existing bathroom or moving into a new home, these bathroom sinks and basins offer an array of options to turn your bathroom into a comforting oasis.

  • Under counter sinks: Neat, modern and easy to clean.
  • Pedestal basins: Classic design, ideal for larger bathrooms.
  • Corner basins: Compact, practical for smaller bathrooms.
  • Counter top bowls: Stylish, a unique touch to contemporary bathrooms.