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Bathroom Mirrors
My-Furniture Bathroom Mirrors

My-Furniture Bathroom mirrors are renowned in the home décor world. They offer an impressive range of styles from simple and minimalist to intricate, vintage-inspired. One thing is for certain: these aren’t just your average mirrors. Each piece is masterfully crafted for residential use, ensuring you’ll enjoy more than just a clear reflection.

  • A wide variety of sizes, from petite accents to expansive wall units.
  • Classic shapes such as round, square and rectangular, atypical forms too.
  • Various framing materials, including metal, wooden, and frameless designs.
  • Illuminated styles complete with expertly placed lighting for flawless makeup application or shaving.
  • Luxurious features in some models like demister pads and shaver sockets.
  • Each mirror has a unique aesthetic but carries the trusted My-Furniture name, ensuring high-quality, durability and style.

Embodying form and function, My-Furniture bathroom mirrors become focal points in any bathroom. Their superior quality is well thought out. Even the backside, which is often overlooked by many manufacturers, is carefully finished ensuring the mirror is protected from potential damage caused by damp bathroom conditions.

A home’s bathroom mirror is more than a functional item, it’s a statement piece. With a My-Furniture mirror, that statement is telling of a homeowner who appreciates quality, style, and meticulous attention to detail. It’s really no surprise that My-Furniture remains a favourite for those seeking to enhance their living spaces.