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La Redoute UK Bathroom Sinks and Basins

Start Your Day Off Right with the Perfect Bathroom Sink

The bathroom sink is more than just a practical necessity. It's a key element of your morning ritual, a mirror of your personal style and a symbol of daily renewal.

Navigate the Style Spectrum

From traditional pedestal sinks to ultra-modern vessel basins, the variety of available styles can seem infinite. Yet, they all fall into a few key categories: counter-top basins, semi-recessed sinks, and under-mounted sinks.

Counter-Top Basins

These sinks sit on top of your bathroom counter, exuding a sense of luxury and contemporary style. Particularly suited to bathrooms with ample countertop space, they offer an open feel and easy access.

Semi-Recessed Sinks

If you're short on space, a semi-recessed sink can be a lifesaver. It sits partially inset into the counter, freeing up valuable space without compromising on deep basin utility.

Under-Mounted Sinks

For a sleek, seamless look, nothing beats the under-mounted sink. Hidden beneath your countertop, this style minimises clutter and simplifies cleaning.

Beyond Styles: Storage, Material and More

Choose a bathroom sink that fits your space and lifestyle. Consider factors like available space, storage needs, material durability, and aesthetic harmony with the rest of your bathroom.

Arriving at the Right Choice

Given all the styles, shapes, and materials out there, making the right choice might seem daunting. Fret not. Have a clear understanding of what you want from your sink. Whether it's for a daily shave, a tooth-brushing hub for the kids, or a splash space for a relaxing evening facial, stay attuned to your needs and you'll find just the right sink to elevate your daily routine.


Should I choose a countertop or under-mounted sink?

That decision depends on your needs and preferences. If you value style and modern aesthetics, a countertop sink is a fabulous choice. If you prefer simplicity and easy cleaning, opt for an under-mounted sink.

Is a semi-recessed sink a good idea for a small bathroom?

Yes, a semi-recessed sink is a great solution for small bathrooms. It saves space while providing all the functional benefits of a larger model.

What materials are available for bathroom sinks?

Bathroom sinks come in a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, glass, and even stone. Choose one that complements your bathroom's style and meets your durability needs.

Do I need a professional to install my bathroom sink?

While some bathroom sinks are relatively simple to install, it's always wise to hire a professional. This ensures correct installation and can prevent future problems caused by improper fitting.

How should I maintain my bathroom sink?

Regular cleaning with mild, non-abrasive cleaning agents is usually sufficient. Avoid using harsh abrasives as they can damage the sink's surface. Consult your sink's care instructions for more specific advice.