Corner Raised Beds

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Corner Raised Beds
Corner Raised Beds

The potential for garden creativity truly blossoms with the introduction of corner raised beds. Skilfully built and robustly constructed, they provide a practical way to utilise even the most awkward garden corners. Reshaping your outdoor space and bringing your planting vision to life has never been so simple.

When planning your purchase, consider the size and position that will best complement your available space. Consider the materials too. Cedar and pine, for instance, both offer durability and natural resistance to rot, mould, and insects. Recycled plastic also makes for a green-friendly and long-lasting choice.

Here are some common types of corner raised beds:

  • Boxed corner raised beds, simplistic yet functional for beginner gardeners
  • L-Shaped corner raised beds, which can slot right into the corners of your garden
  • Tiered corner raised beds, providing varying height levels for an interesting visual effect

Such beds are versatile, featuring in many garden formats. They can transform a concrete back yard into a lush mini-allotment, or bring a touch of vibrant wildflower meadow to a stark lawn. From our extensive research, we know corner raised beds can make a striking difference to any outdoor space. So, whether you’re a city dweller with a small balcony or have a sprawling rustic plot, a corner raised bed might just be the answer.