Cabins and Summer Houses

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Cabins and Summer Houses
Cabins and Summer Houses

Escaping the buzzing city life, a cabin or summer house creates a tranquil space within an arm’s reach in your own garden. Whether it’s a dedicated office, a creative studio, a gym, children’s play area, or a quiet reading spot, these structures could offer an extra functional space without extending home. With a multitude of uses and designs, cabins and summer houses can truly enhance your outdoor living experience.

Investing in a cabin or summer house calls for certain considerations. Primarily, the purpose of the structure will guide your design selection. The size of your outdoor space is also a significant factor. Small gardens may benefit from compact, corner summer houses, while larger areas might accommodatively house spacious cabins. Understand your garden’s exposure to sunlight and choose accordingly – opt for structures with plenty of windows if your garden enjoys lots of sunlight.

  • Traditional summer houses: These feature a classic pitched roof, providing a timeless look.
  • Corner-style summer houses: Designed to fit perfectly into a garden’s corner, saving on space.
  • Log cabin-style structures: They often include verandas, ideal for lounging on sunny days.
  • Contemporary summer houses: These are modern and stylish and often include bi-fold or large glass doors.

In our years spent exploring the diverse range of cabins and summer houses, we’ve noted that a balance of practical and design aspects best serve the homeowner’s needs. Things such as clever storage solutions, thermal insulation for year-round use, and secure locking systems are as important as design aesthetics. From traditional to contemporary, wooden to metallic, there’s a style and design suited to every garden. Make sure you weigh all features before investing and let your cabin or summer house become an extension of your home.