Topiary Balls

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Topiary Balls
Topiary Balls

If you’re considering a low maintenance alternative for your garden greenery or indoor decor, topiary balls could be an excellent choice. These convincing faux foliage spheres offer the allure of natural, manicured greenery without the constant upkeep. Coming in a wealth of sizes and leaf styles, they provide immediate visual interest and blend seamlessly with real plants. In terms of indoor use, they can add an unexpected touch to bookshelves, mantles or high shelves. Outdoor, they create striking focal points when suspended from porches or archways or placed in garden beds. In our role as home design experts, we’ve seen some visually striking uses of topiary balls in both traditional and contemporary settings.

When selecting topiary balls, a few factors come into play. The kind of leaves – boxwood, laurel, or rose for example, can dramatically alter the overall look. Size is another consideration. While small topiary balls are great for indoors, larger ones can make quite a statement in an outdoor setting. Weather resistance is crucial if your topiary balls are intended for outdoor use.

Some features of quality topiary balls include:

  • UV resistant material to prevent color fade
  • Realistic stem and leaf detail
  • High density leaf coverage
  • Durable construction for outdoor use
  • Included hanging chains

Additionally, topiary balls can be displayed in many creative ways. Use them as solo decorations, group them, or pair them up symmetrically on either sides of a path or an entrance to demonstrate your unique taste in home decor. We believe topiary balls are versatile additions that can adapt to various design sensibilities, breathing life and sophistication into any space.