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Marble Kitchen Worktops

For homeowners looking to inject a sense of elegance and sophistication into their kitchens, marble kitchen worktops are a top choice. With its richly detailed veining and luminescent glow, marble brings a certain level of luxury that is hard to match. But remember, this beauty comes with a need for a little extra care and maintenance to preserve its pristine condition.

When purchasing marble worktops, there are a number of key factors to consider. Firstly, choose the marble design – the options range from soft creams to bold blacks, each featuring unique patterns of veins and speckles. It’s also vital to consider the finish, with polished, honed, and leathered surfaces all offering different levels of sheen and texture.

  • Polished Marble: Offers a glossy finish, emphasises the colour and markings of the marble, yet is more prone to scratches.
  • Honed Marble: Has a matte finish, delivers a softer look, and tends to hide scratches, but it may be a bit more prone to staining.
  • Leathered Marble: Gives a textured, pebbled surface that provides a rustic and unique characteristic, ideal for hiding fingerprints and smudges.

From our years dealing with various types of worktops, we’ve seen that marble, given its natural beauty and sophistication, finds its place best in kitchens that aim for a classic, luxurious ambience. While some might raise eyebrows at the demanding maintenance needs, there’s no denying that with the right care, marble worktops can become a spectacular centrepiece in your cooking space.