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Glass Kitchen Worktops

Glass kitchen worktops make a striking addition to any home, instantly levelling up the overall look and feel. When considering such worktops, note that they offer more than just striking appeal. They bring to your kitchen a clean and smooth space that’s entirely useful for your day-to-day activities. They are spillage and heat resistant, making them a beauty that also comes with brains!

Accordingly, in the sphere of residential interior design, these worktops come in a variety: crushed glass, back-painted glass and even plain, clear glass. The crushed designs can introduce colour and texture to match your kitchen’s scheme, whereas back-painted glass offers a modern, coloured sheen for a minimalist look. In our experience, the plain, clear versions work well in small spaces or open plan kitchens as they refract natural light better.

Your main considerations when choosing a glass kitchen worktop should therefore include the type of glass you wish to install, the colour and design themes of your existing kitchen space, and your own usability requirements. Also remember that although glass worktops are strong and durable, they may show up scratches more over time compared to other materials, so cleaning and maintenance would be an essential part.

Glass kitchen worktops are not for everyone, but they do offer an easy to clean, light-reflective surface that can make your kitchen sparkle. Unique, functional and adaptable, they can make a powerful statement in your home!