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Dish Racks
Dish Racks

Dish racks are practical household items, designed not only to organise your tableware but also to assist it to dry naturally and efficiently. Featuring usability and ergonomic design, these pieces exhibit a wide variety of characteristics to consider before making a purchase. They can greatly contribute to maintaining a clutter-free kitchen space when chosen thoughtfully.

In our years of working with furniture and utility pieces, we’ve learnt that the size and capacity of a dish rack is a crucial consideration. Smaller homes and compact kitchens can benefit from a collapsible or over-the-sink dish rack to save precious space, whereas larger kitchens can accommodate the traditional countertop varieties.

  • Countertop Dish Racks: These stand freely on a surface and usually come with a drain board.
  • Over Sink Dish Racks: These are designed to rest over your sink, allowing water to drain directly without needing extra space.
  • Collapsible Dish Racks: Designed for compact spaces, these fold down when not in use.

The material of the dish rack is also very important. Stainless steel dish racks are durable and resistant to rust, whilst bamboo or wooden alternatives lend a touch of natural charm to your kitchen. The number of tiers, the presence of specific holders for utensils or cups, and the ease of cleaning are also key factors to keep in mind. Additionally, the design should complement your kitchen decor, from a modern minimalistic design to a classic or country style. Dish racks, in their myriad forms and features, serve not just to dry your dishes, but add a utilitarian elegance to your kitchen too.