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Picture Lights
Picture Lights

Picture lights are primarily about adding illumination to your favourite pieces of artwork at home, but they also make an essential element of your home décor. When choosing a picture light, consider the style and finish of your current fixtures to create a consistent look. As part of your home lighting plan, picture lights give a warm, inviting touch while giving life to your artwork.

There’s a vast variety of picture lights to choose from. Simply decide on the following key options to find your perfect match:

  • Direct wire lights: installed directly into the wall for a clean, cordless look
  • Battery-operated lights: ideal for areas where wiring isn’t feasible
  • Clip-on lights: a flexible option that can be moved around easily
  • LED picture lights: energy-efficient and durable, perfect for long-lasting use

It’s also important to consider the size of your artwork when choosing a picture light. As a rough guide, if your artwork is up to 30 inches wide you’ll need a 14 to 16-inch picture light. For larger pictures measuring up to 48 inches wide, a 30-inch picture light may be more appropriate.

In our experience reviewing furniture, getting the right picture light can aesthetically elevate your living space and properly showcase your artwork. They may seem like a small touch to your decor, but the impact they make can be striking, highlighting the details and colours of your art pieces, and setting the mood in your room.