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Throw blankets, commonly known as throws, are versatile pieces of home decor that pack a double punch of practicality and style. They serve as an extra layer of warmth on a chilly evening, so throw one over your couch, chair, or end of the bed for both comfort and convenience. Being lightweight, they are easy to manoeuvre and store when not in use. But there's a lot more to throws than functionality. They also deliver a statement in decorating, with textures, colours, and patterns that can transform a room's ambience instantly.

When selecting a throw, consider the material for its feel and durability. Popular choices include cotton for its softness, breathability and machine-washability; wool for its cosiness and heat retention; and faux fur or velvet for a plush, luxurious touch. Additionally, the design of the throw should complement your interior decor. A neutral colour palette can work in harmony with any style, while bold patterns or hues can create a focal point. Remember, throws are a low-commitment way to experiment with trends, so why not take a chance on that vibrant geometric print or a chic faux fur toss? It could be the finishing touch your room needs.