Hanging Mirrors

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Hanging Mirrors
Hanging Mirrors

When adding a decorative touch to your home, you should never overlook the simple yet powerful impact of hanging mirrors. These stylish and practical items help to make spaces feel larger and brighter by reflecting natural light. Whether you’re working on a large hallway or small bathroom, mirrors provide the dual function of aesthetic enhancement and practical utility.

Hanging mirrors come in a variety of styles, with characteristics to suit every home and personal taste. Some of the types available include:

  • Full-Length: Ideal for bedrooms or dressing rooms.
  • Round: Adds a modern, minimal look
  • Oval: Offers a classic and elegant appeal.
  • Square or Rectangular: Suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes.

When choosing your mirror, it’s important to consider the location and purpose. Round and oval mirrors work well in bathrooms and small spaces, whereas full-length mirrors are better suited in bedrooms or hallways. You should also ponder on the frame materials and colour based on the room decor to create a harmonious environment. In our extensive work with furniture and decor, we’ve seen how a strategically chosen and positioned hanging mirror can completely transform a room.

Remember, hanging mirrors are more than just a functional addition to your home. When chosen with care, they have the power to define and elevate the overall style and atmosphere within your space, all while being a practical element of the home.