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Aeyla (formerly Mela)
The Mela Weighted Blanket
Aeyla (formerly Mela)
Kids Weighted Blanket
Aeyla (formerly Mela)
Mela Weighted Blanket
Aeyla (formerly Mela)
Cotton Weighted Blanket Cover

When it comes to keeping cosy in your own home, blankets play a pivotal role. These comforting household essentials come in a range of styles and materials, from soft and plush to lightweight and breathable. Each type carries its own reason for selection, varying from multi-purpose throw blankets, warmer fleece blankets, to luxurious faux fur blankets.

Buying a blanket may seem straightforward, but understanding your individual needs before shopping can result in a much more satisfying purchase. Have clarity about where it will be used—whether it’s for swaddling up on the sofa, layering on your bed, or taking on a picnic. In our line of work, we often observe that one-size rarely fits all when it comes to blankets, which is why it’s key to also consider the perfect size according to its use.

The feeling of a blanket is a crucial part of the selecting process. Do you prefer the soft touch of a microfiber, or is the natural warmth of wool what you treasure most? Characteristics like warmth, breathability, and texture all come into play here. Also important is care for the blanket; consider whether the fabric needs specialist cleaning, or if it can easily be laundered at home.

A blanket is an investment that can bring comfort and style to a home for a long time. With so many choices available, take the time to consider not only what looks attractive but also what will serve you best in your everyday life. The perfect blanket can really be the cherry on top when it comes to making a house feel like a home.