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Front Doors
Front Doors

The front door of your home is a key feature that makes a lasting impression on visitors before they even step inside. It also has a significant role in protecting your home from harsh weather and uninvited intruders. Hence, when choosing a front door, prioritise its durability, security features, insulation abilities and also consider how well it matches with the overall architectural style of your home.

In terms of materials, there are primarily three types – wood, steel and fibreglass. Wooden doors are traditional favourites, adding a warm and classic touch to homes. Steel doors are known for superior security and weather resistance, while fibreglass doors share a vital balance of both and offer extensive longevity.

Pay attention to the door design and colour. Really, there’s no strict rule here – as long as it blends well with your home’s facade. Go for panelled, glazed, or solid types; select a bright hue or a sophisticated dark shade; add one sidelight or two- it’s really your call.

Having seen countless front doors, we believe that the ideal front door is one that successfully combines all these aspects. It may be a bit of a juggling act, but the end result of a beautiful, sturdy, and well-insulated door will have a lasting impact on your home’s appearance and functionality.