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Table Fans

Table fans are a popular choice not only for their purpose of cooling a room, but also due their portability. This allows homeowners like yourself, to easily move the fan from one room to another based on need. Home offices, bedroom, living spaces or even outdoor areas during summer months, the use cases for table fans are wide and varied.

When purchasing a table fan, factors that should be considered include size, noise level, speed settings, oscillation and additional features such as remote control or timers. Some models even offer the ability to reverse the fan motion for enhanced cooling. Therefore, it’s important to consider where you’ll be using the fan and what features are most beneficial to you, to ensure it serves its purpose effectively.

Table fans typically come in a variety of styles and designs:

  • Classic Desk Fan: These are often compact and perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Tower Table Fan: These are taller and can distribute air over a wider area.
  • Bladeless Table Fan: These fans, while pricier, provide a strong airflow and are safer for homes with children.

Through many years of advising on home furnishings, we’ve seen the powerful impact a well-chosen table fan can have – not only in terms of cooling a room, but also contributing to the overall comfort of your living space.