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Children's Clocks
Children's Clocks

Children’s clocks can be an excellent addition to a child’s bedroom, serving a dual purpose of teaching timekeeping skills while adding an appealing aesthetic touch. From our expert perspective, when choosing a clock, consider factors such as ease of reading, night-time visibility, and noise levels. For younger children, clocks with clear numbering and contrasting hand colours are highly recommended. In addition, clocks with built-in night lights can also provide comfort for children who are afraid of the dark.

Additionally, ensure you choose a quiet clock to avoid disrupting your child’s sleep. Some clocks come with a ‘silent sweep’ feature which eliminates the ticking sound, making them an ideal choice for children’s bedrooms.

The types of clocks available for children differ greatly, each possessing unique characteristics:

  • Analog clocks: Traditional design, perfect for teaching children how to read time.
  • Digital clocks: Easy to read, some models feature additional functions such as alarms or temperature display.
  • Projection clocks: Display the time on a wall or ceiling, making them an exciting choice for kids.
  • Character clocks: Feature popular children’s characters, making them a fun decorative item as well.
  • Nightlight clocks: Illuminate in the dark, comforting children who are wary of sleeping in low light.

Lastly, the design and colour of a clock can turn it into a decorative piece that complements the theme of your child’s bedroom. Now, with a number of options in mind, finding the right clock to meet the requirements of both you and your child should be a relatively straightforward task.