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Childrens Bookcases
Childrens Bookcases

Children’s bookcases are an essential element in a child’s room or play area. They not only help to keep the space tidy by storing books and toys, but also encourage a love for reading from a young age. Based on our research, when purchasing a children’s bookcase, factors such as safety, size, the number of shelves, material, and design should be taken into consideration.

Safety is usually the first concern for parents. Ensure the bookcase is built with rounded corners and that it can be securely attached to a wall to minimise tipping hazards. The size of the bookcase should relate to the available space in the room. A freestanding bookcase might work better for larger rooms while a wall-mounted one is ideal for smaller spaces.

An important characteristic is the number of shelves and their adaptability. You might be surprised how quickly your child’s book collection grows, so opt for a bookcase with multiple shelves. In terms of material, wood and fabric are both popular options. Wooden ones usually last longer; however, fabric variants tend to be more child-friendly.

Lastly, the design of the bookcase can make reading more appealing to children. Colourful options with thematic motifs, like animal or fairy tale designs, are popular. It’s been our experience that, if you choose a bookcase that’s visually appealing to your child and matches the overall room decor, they will be more likely to use it.