Grange Pergolas

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Grange Pergolas

Grange Pergolas are the perfect home add-on to optimise the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Not just a charming garden accessory, these structures layer your landscape with an additional living area that can serve a variety of purposes. Whether you want to shelter delicate plants, create a tranquil reading spot, or set up a barbecue station for all-weather grilling, a Grange Pergola proves to be a versatile solution.

Consider a few essentials before selecting your pergola. Firstly, consider the available space – a larger deck or patio can hold quaint six-post pergolas, while smaller gardens can benefit from neat, lean-to designs. The architectural preference should also come into play; Grange Pergolas come in traditional, modern and arched variants. Plus, an assortment of finishes allows these pergolas to blend seamlessly with any home exteriors.

  • Traditional Pergolas – These are classic, four-post structures, optionally complemented with side trellis for climbers.
  • Modern Pergolas – These feature clean lines and a minimalist design, often without the side trellis, to suit a contemporary decor.
  • Arched Pergolas – These offer a rounded roofline, bringing in a unique aesthetic twist to the garden setup.

In our day-to-day scripting the story of countless British homes through our furniture-centric articles, we have seen an uptick in the embracing of smart outdoor elements like Grange Pergolas. They do not merely upgrade the outdoor aesthetic but truly offer a quality lifestyle upgrade. So if you’ve been contemplating an outdoor revamp, these pergolas are worth considering.