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Chests of Drawers
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Chests of Drawers

When furnishing your home, the inclusion of a chest of drawers can provide both aesthetically pleasing design and practical functionality. Chests of drawers, also known as dressers, are essentially tiered storage units with horizontally stacked compartments. These units can contribute significantly to organising your home. They’re perfect for storing your prized wardrobe, children’s art supplies, or even household paperwork. In our view, the right chest of drawers can be a transformative piece for safeguarding your belongings and elevating your space.

As you consider purchasing a chest of drawers, there are a few key points to bear in mind. Firstly, assess the available space in your home and visualise the ideal size for your new piece. Secondly, consider the materials. While solid wood chests offer longevity and a classic appeal, those made with engineered wood or metal may present a modern edge and could be more affordable. Lastly, think about your storage needs: the number and size of the drawers may vary, and some chests come with small lockable sections for storing valuables.

There is a diverse range of chest of drawers types to pick from. These include:

  • Standard horizontal dressers, known for their wide and short stature.
  • Tallboys or chest-on-chests, which are tall and narrow, ideal for tighter spaces.
  • Bachelor’s chests, normally shorter, often featuring a flip top.
  • Gentlemen’s chests, which often include a concealed place for personal items.
  • Double dressers that provide a vast storage space, in a long, low design.

Despite this variety, each type serves the core purpose of a chest of drawers: providing storage that harmonises with your home’s style. Compiling these considerations, the perfect chest of drawers awaits, ready to blend practicality with your personal aesthetic.