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Open Coil Mattresses
Open Coil Mattresses

One of the most traditional types of mattresses is the open coil mattress, also known as a continuous coil mattress. Noted for its simplicity, they are widely used across the UK due to their affordability and firm support structure. An open coil mattress comprises a series of interlinked springs, offering well-distributed support and bounce while you sleep.

There are several key characteristics that set open coil mattresses apart. To summarise:

  • Firmness: These mattresses provide a firm sleeping surface, ideal for those who need ample back support or those who prefer a more rigid bed.
  • Durability: Open coil designs are generally durable, withstanding years of use without losing their form or support.
  • Bounce: The interconnected springs give a noticeable bounce effect, greatly enhancing the comfort level of these mattresses.
  • Budget-Friendly: They are typically more affordable than other types on the market, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget or outfitting a guest room.

However, it’s worth noting that open coil mattresses may not suit everyone. As interconnected springs distribute weight across the bed, these mattresses could lead to motion transfer—when one person moves on the bed, the other person may feel it. Also, their relatively less attention to individual body contouring could result in less comfort for some sleepers.

Open coil mattresses are a time-tested choice, offering firm support and a comfortable bounce. With their value for money and long-lasting quality, they continue to remain a popular option on the British bedding scene.