High and Low Level Cistern Toilets

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High and Low Level Cistern Toilets
High and Low Level Cistern Toilets

High and Low Level Cistern Toilets make an intriguing blend of traditional charm and modern practicality. High-level cisterns, with their distinctive long flush pipe and pull chain, echo the design of early Victorian toilets, adding a hint of vintage glamour. They’re rather high up – affixed near the ceiling. In contrast, low-level cisterns are installed much closer to the toilet pan, usually maintaining a separation via a short flush pipe. Their design is a bit more contemporary, yet still preserving a traditional nuance.

There are key characteristics that distinguish these toilets:

  • Design: A high-level cistern boasts that characterful long pull chain and is often embellished with ornate brackets. On the other hand, a low-level toilet typically features a lever-operated flush and a more minimalistic design.
  • Placement: The ‘high’ and ‘low’ do indeed refer to the position of the cistern. With its elevated position, a high-level cistern can make for an eye-catching design feature. Whereas a low-level cistern provides a more understated look.
  • Space considerations: High-level cistern toilets may require more installation space due to their extended height and flush pipe, but they can be a feature piece in a substantial bathroom refurbishment. Low-level units, meanwhile, are a practical choice for bathrooms where space is at a premium.

Ultimately, the ideal choice between a high or low-level cistern toilet hinges on personal preference, style, and spatial requirements. Whether you’re seeking a touch of grandeur or more of a quaint, understated look, these styles of toilets provide you with an excellent opportunity to introduce a classic, timeless element to your bathroom design.