Fitted Bathroom Furniture

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Fitted Bathroom Furniture
Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Fitted bathroom furniture refers to the fixed storage units you install in the bathroom. They come in different designs, including both contemporary and classical styles. They vary in size, adjusted to fit the nooks and crannies of your bathroom seamlessly. Such furniture has been gaining popularity as they maximise storage space while offering impeccable style.

There are many types of fitted bathroom furniture. Here are a few examples:

  • Under-sink storage: Built around the sink plumbing, it keeps toiletries and cleaning supplies conveniently hidden.
  • Corner units: These fit into the bathroom’s corners, saving space while providing ample storage.
  • Fitted tallboys: Slim yet tall, these units can store a lot of items without occupying much floor space.
  • Wardrobes and shelving: These large types of furniture maximise storage space and are great for big bathrooms.

Selection of your fitted bathroom furniture should be based on your specific needs and the layout of your bathroom. Materials used may be plywood, solid oak, or moisture-resistant MDF, to withstand the humid bathroom environment. Also, the finishes are available in a wide range, from high-gloss paint, chic matte, to natural wood finishes. It’s all about making your bath space functional without compromising the aesthetic charm.

Finally, installation of fitted bathroom furniture requires a level of expertise. Therefore, have this in mind to hire professional service. A rightly installed fitted bathroom furniture can significantly enhance the look and functionality of the bathroom, turning it into a personal oasis you would love to come back to after a hustling day.