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Bathroom Mirrors

Reflections of Beauty: A Look into Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors, they're not just about catching a glimpse of your reflection while brushing your teeth. They're functional, stylish, and paramount in adding that final touch to your bathroom decor. Let's shed some light on the world of bathroom mirrors.

Typical or Trendy: What's Your Style?

Whether you're a fan of traditional or contemporary designs, bathroom mirrors come in a myriad of styles tailored to your preferences. For those dedicated to keep up with the latest trends, LED mirrors bring a fusion of technology and style. They not only provide perfect lighting but bring a sleek modern edge to your bathroom. On the other hand, the timeless charm of a vintage vanity mirror can create a classic, elegant vibe.

Shape Up: Round, Square or Fancy?

Bathroom mirrors are not confined to any specific shape. If you're after a minimalist aesthetic, square or rectangular mirrors create sharp, clean lines. For a softer impression, round or oval mirrors can help to smooth out a room that feels too rigid. But, maybe you want to make a statement: Consider a mirror in an unconventional shape – hexagonal, wavy, or perhaps a mirror adorned with intricate designs.

Sizing Up: Your Best Fit

Size does matter when it comes to bathroom mirrors. The rule of thumb: balance is key. A mirror should be proportionate to the basin it sits above. Too small and it can be practically ineffective, too large and it can overwhelm the room. It's vital to measure your available space before you make the final decision.

In Conclusion

A bathroom mirror isn't just a functional accessory. It can reflect your personality, enhance your decor and even create an illusion of space. So go ahead, spend a little time on your bathroom mirror choice. It's a small detail for a significant impact.


  1. What type of mirror is good for a small bathroom?
    Wall-mounted or extension mirrors are good choices for small bathrooms, as they don't take up floor space.
  2. Are LED bathroom mirrors safe?
    Yes, LED mirrors are designed with safety in mind. They use low voltage, and have sealed LED components to prevent electric shock.
  3. How high should a bathroom mirror be placed?
    Generally, the centre of the mirror should be at eye level, or 150 – 165 cm from the floor.
  4. Are frameless mirrors still in style?
    Absolutely. Frameless mirrors present a sleek, modern look which is still very popular.
  5. What shape of mirror is best for a round sink?
    To balance out the curves, consider going for a square or rectangular mirror.